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Black gold, black diamonds.
Perfect for a black heart.

pretty sure I’d marry anyone that walked up to me with one of these


Zodiac Signs As A Holiday, Leo - Christmas.


Ok I’m posting this again… Because, I deleted it while stupid fall into a doze (mm  How stupid!


Bocchan pls… #kuroshitsuji #sebaciel #fanart /not mine, cr. to owner/

So I just want to thank the followers that commented on my post about feeling like I wasn’t quite in control of my blog, I didn’t know that some of you felt that way and I appreciate it so much so thank you :)


if the new anime doesn’t feature the circus arc what is even the point


I’m not a fan of Valentine’s but I am a fan of ridiculous sappy Zelda referenced love phrases.

So for all in the Zelda fandom, have a happy V day.

P.S. If for however reason you want to use them I’d appreciate if you let me know.

P.S.2. I think the sounding of some sound kind of akward? If so tell me and I’ll see if I can fix it.


No date though :( I’m excited as balls though! :)

HI! My name is Hannah! I'm 15 and I post
mostly Black Bulter, Pandora Hearts, Adventure Time, and some video games here and there. i DO NOT OWN BLACK BUTLER OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE SHOW THEY ALL BELONG TO YANA TOBOSO
Follow me and ill try to follow back :)

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